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About Overseas Employment in Bhutan

Bhutan has a population of about 700000 people and an area of 38394 sq Km. Bhutan’s population at the end of its 11th five year plan (FYP,2013-3018) is estimated at 779,666[1]. The total jobitel.com labour force at present is 329,478 or 64% of the population out of which 60% are agriculture based, 15% government based and 25% in the private sector. https://xjobs.org/

The Royal Government of Bhutan has accorded the topmost priority работа в москве to provide employment to all graduates with or without skills and thus the concept of overseas employment w jobitel.com as born. Bhutan’s abundant young literate population is to be viewed as a resource potential and not more unemployment. The youth unemployment rate stands at 7.3 % (November 22nd Kuensel 2013) and if работа this issue is not addressed propitiously, it will be a major concern for a http://jobitel.com harmonious progressive socio economic development.

The Government through the  Ministry  of  Labour  and  Human  Resources,  in  accordance  with  the  Rule  Making  powers conferred under Section 211 of the Labour and Employment Act, 2007 promulgated a regulation concerning recruitment for Employment of Bhutanese Overseas.

DrukMetserTer (DMT) promoted by karma  Youdon recognized by the Ministry of Labour  and approved by the same in Bhutan is one of the firm entrusted to employ Bhutanese Outside Bhutan. We are registered with the Ministry of Economic affairs and enjoy all benefits of a business organization in Bhutan.

Objectives of DMT

  1. Facilitate the recruitment of Bhutanese citizens overseas.
  2. Building up the skills base of the country to fill in critical requirements as required by our employers.
  3. Contribute to the development of a viable national education and tra xjobs.org/ ining system which meets the  HR needs of the world.

The working of DrukMetserTer

In line with the Regulation formulated by the Ministry of Labor and with a vision to contribute to the Gross Domestic Products of Bhutan we aspire to tie up with companies and agents who matches our vision of quality jobs for quality people around the world.

Mode of Operation:

After DMT receives the employment vacancies, we will either publicize though the media or inform Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) to invite applications for interested and eligible candidates for the vacany announced..

The candidates will be screened, selected and oriented and after all the required documents are availed, DMT will acquire the assistance of the RGOB for the application of a working Visa.

The terms and conditions of employment will be reviewed by the MoLHR and signed by the candidate and the agency.

Business with DrukMetserTer

DrukMetserTer is run by professionals who have experience and more importantly who have the passion to take its network across the globe and generate sales simultaneously. In its first year of operation we aspire to employ 2000 Bhutanese in various expertise across thehttps://jobitel.com world thereby establishing our self as one of the leading and pioneers in exposing Bhutanese workers to the world and the world to Bhutanese Workers.

We hope to achieve the target through:

  1. Networks with other Agents who have experience in the field.
  2. Tie up with companies around the work who are in need or HR solution

Who we are:

         General Business Information

  •        Business Name: DrukMetserTer
  •        Contact Details: Karma Youdon
  •        Telephone : +975-77352040/17118440
  •        Head Office Address: ChamtamtogThimphu
  •        Website Address: www.dmbhutan.com.bt
  •       Company Status: Partnership
  •       Company Registration number: 1030685

       Business Details

  1.       Date of Creation: 2013
  2.       Main Areas of Activities of Business: Overseas employment for Bhutanese
  3.       Main Products: Skilled and unskilled Manpower
  4.       Number of Employees:10

Due to the sheer volume and type of work, all the staff of the BOEA would be briefed routinely, and monitored for their service rendering skills. Willingness to help, politeness, and multitasking would be vital for all staffs. Councillors will be trained if possible (through RGOB support) to assist, orient and brief the employees. Recruiting officers will also be well trained to provide proper recruiting procedures. They will also review, scrutinize and upload potential employee data.

  • General Manager/ -1 number
  • Legal officer-1 number
  • Recruiting Officer/Liaison officer -5 number
  • Councillor-1 number
  • Receptionist cum help desk- 1 number
  • Security Guard: 1 number

Available Human Resources with Druk Metser Ter:

DMT will be primarily  focusing on looking for employment of general Graduates, Vocational Training Institute Graduates or blue collar jobs.The following are the list/category of skill/non skill workers which DMT shall look for jobs overseas, they are however not limited to the following:

  1. ICT graduates (after more training and specializing)
  2. General graduates
  3. All VTI graduates (construction workers, plumbers, carpenters etc)
  4. Old age nurses
  5. Nurses
  6. Traditional Buddhist painter etc.
  7. others

Technical Support & Training of Potential Employees:

  1. Up gradation of skills of the Bhutanese for employability.
  2. Bring in Language instructors to make our Bhutanese gather more edge in the market.
  3. Bring in ToT’s from potential employers (if required) to grade potential employers.
  4. We shall seek platform for extensive marketing to establish relationships with counterpart agencies and find better jobs for Bhutanese.

Modalities of collection of Registration fees

As per the regulation of the Royal Government of Bhutan Druk Mester Ter can realise the registration fees once the working visa is issued to the candidate. The Ministry of Labour shall stand as guarantor for the same.


It has to be understood that DrukMetserTer is aware that overseas employment is a new concept in Bhutan and there are various hurdles which will be encountered, however the need of the nation and further the priority entrusted by the government makes us confident that many of the hurdles can be negotiated. Some of the hurdles already foreseen by us are:

The need vs the availability  of  Human Recourses

Bilateral Understanding between Bhutan and other country where we can employ our people.

DrukMetserTer is serious in its venture and is willing to invest in areas which will secure employment for our Bhutanese in the world.


[1] Statistical yearbook of Bhutan 2013, NSB, RGOB, October 2013